The campaign consisted of three stages:
• Week one we posted 10 fake public service messages with the copy "Hip Hop Rots Your Brain" from the an organization named the Coalition of Responsible and Attentive Parents - CRAP.
• Week two local U of I art students and myself vandalized duplicates of the billboards back at the Adams. We then reposted the vandalized versions of the the designs out in the community.
• Week three three we posted a snipe on the billboards, revealing that the whole campaign was a hoax to promote Up-a-notch Records.

The campaign received a lot of attention, with articles written about it, TV and radio coverage, and tons of controversy. I had left Champaign for about a month, right before these went up, due to an unexpected death in the family and I sadly wasn't able to take photos to document the stages of this campaign as well as I would have liked. I was however able to gather together the photos that were taken by the Adams team and a friends collected the newspaper articles for me as well.
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