Book cover designs for various clients
Ebook cover art for They Laughed At Me by David Kempf
Cover spread for Y'all Hazred by Micah Edwards.
Promotional ads created for Y'all Hazred by Micah Edwards.
Illustrations created for my various writing projects.
I proposed to my girlfriend on a billboard. It received some media coverage - a news short, longer segment, and an article in the local paper.
A tribute billboard created to honor the late Glenn Frey, front man and lead singer of the Eagles. This ran on multiple Adams Outdoor Advertising digital billboards in Champaign Urbana.
Digitally painted caricature of local artist Judith Adanma Johnson, for the Exposed : Boneyard Arts Festival Edition at Soma Ultralounge.
Digitally painted caricature of artist - Sophie McMahan.
Digitally painted caricature of artist Jordan Bidner.
Self assigned digital caricatures of various friends.
My business card/artistic license, bumper sticker and caricaturing stamp. 
Check out my "How's My Drawing?" bumpersticker. A subtle self-promotional piece that I've been driving around with since 2013.
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