Horrible Writing: 10 Horror Stories You Probably Shouldn't Read ​​​​​​​by Daniel Charles Wild
I've been posting fiction on Reddit for few years. Some of the stories have been shared pretty far and wide, made into narrations and movies, and translated into multiple languages. I've collected 10 of the most popular of the horror stories into a little 10,000 word e-book. It'll be the first of four short collections of equal size, the other three will be fantasy, sci-fi and creative non-fiction that I've written. Once all three collections are completed, I'll eventually combine the four of them into a printed book with illustrations drawn by me.
Below is the cover, and book description:
These 10 horror stories were originally posted online under a pseudonym. Some of them have taken on a life of their own. Cumulatively the stories written under this name have been read by tens—possibly hundreds—of thousands. Some have been translated into other languages, and many have been featured on podcasts, SoundCloud, and YouTube channels. A few have even been made into short movies.

I’ve edited and collected the most horrible of the stories here. You probably shouldn’t read these; they aren’t good for you. Still, I enjoyed writing them, and lots of people enjoyed reading them. You might too.

They are about horrible things that happened and might yet happen. Upsetting  things like rewatching movies we’ve all seen, what happens when we’re sleeping, and the horror of unconditional love. Creepy stories about trying to go home, things that happen at coffee shops, a strange flu, and a dog that wants so badly to be good. Disturbing things like appreciating art, the choices we make, and to end it all—a caricaturist’s love note to you, and you, and you. All awful, unbearable things. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Media Coverage:
Prompt and Circumstance podcast, a humor podcast about Reddit writing prompts, dedicated an episode to some of my prompts that became stories in my collection Horrible Writing: 10 Horror Stories You Probably Shouldn’t Read

Hosts Joe and CJ usually talk about three prompts each week, and conversations go in the weirdest and wildest directions. They also feature great guests, and a regularly appearing super-guest—Joe’s wife Kyrie, who is hilarious.

They mentioned a writing prompt of mine in their 19th episode, so when I published Horrible Writing, I gave them a heads-up. They dedicated their 48th episode, titled “Top Choice Meats,” to three of the prompts that inspired stories in my book.

If you’re a writer, a reader, or someone who likes to laugh, and you think you’ll enjoy smart, creative, and funny conversations about the rWritingPrompts subreddit, and sometimes r/ShowerThoughts and r/AskReddit too—check out Prompt and Circumstance. 
Reviews Online:
My short story collection Horrible Writing: 10 Horror Stories You Probably Shouldn’t Read, which collects some of some of my most popular Reddit stories, received a glowing write up on The Write Edge Bookshelf book review blog.

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