Aim Asphalt 2018 Campaign

Asphalt Man and Compactor Kid are kind of a big deal in the aptly named town of Battle Creek, Michigan.

Over the last year I illustrated their epic battle across the billboards against their arch nemesis The Gator. The campaign ran for a year in Battle Creek, Michigan, and it just might be the largest comic book ever.

The campaign was created for Aim Asphalt and was the result of a collaboration between two Adams Outdoor Advertising markets in Champaign, IL and Kalamazoo, MI.

I wrote the initial story and provided the illustrations every month. The Art Direction and design was managed by the Art Director and designer of the Adams’ Kalamazoo branch.

If you would like to know more about Aim Asphalt, check out their website at
Aim Asphalt 2019 campaign currently in progress.
Crystal Lake Family Aquatic Center mascot
I created this cartoon mascot used on signage at the waterpark and in advertisements around the Champaign - Urbana community as well.
They created a costume of the mascot as well - based off of the art I created.
Sensational Smiles of Charlestion tooth mascot
I illustrated the cartoon mascots used in this campaign created by Adams Outdoor Advertising for Sensational Smiles of Charleston.
Bed Bug Experts of Peoria
I provided the illustration used in this teaser and reveal campaign created by Adams Outdoor Advertising for Bed Bug Experts of Peoria.
A fun retro styled digital painting created for National Alergy and Asthma.
Presbyterian Children's Emergency Department Illustrated campaign
I provided the illustrations used in this campaign created by Adams Outdoor Advertising for Presbyterian Children's Emergency Department.
Cartoon mascots created for Coldwell Banker Devonshire Reality and Oh Frenzy! An Advertising Agency.
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